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Lauri Moore

Come see Psychic Medium Lauri Moore!

Postponed to May 6, 2021 due to thunderstorms

This Event is outdoors at Lone Lane Park and social distancing guidelines will be followed.


When: 7:00pm – 8:30pm Thursday, May 6- $20 per person

Where: the Lone Lane Park Pavilion (30 Lone Lane, Allentown, PA 18104)

Register ONLINE Until 4/21/21 online registration is now closed, but if you are interested in attending this program, please email recreation@uppermac.org with your Registration Form and see if spots are still available! CASH Payments will also be accepted at the event.


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Lauri Moore begins her galleries with a little background information so attendees fell like they understand her gift and are prepared should they be called on. How does she choose who gets called on? To be as fair as possible, each attendee is given a number when they arrive. Lauri then puts those numbers into a basket, and pulls numbers out to call on the next person. Once called on, you then can ask Lauri a question regarding those who have passed away, your future, or your personal life! Lauri is NOT given a list of registrants prior to the event, she has no idea who is coming!



From a very early age, Lauri realized that she was different from other people. She vividly remembers when she was
four years old repeatedly “seeing” a man in the hallway
of her house. It wasn’t until as an adult she relocated and
met people with the same abilities who validated her gifts. From this point she studied what it meant to be clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient and the responsibility that
came with these gifts.

After years of private readings, Lauri ventured into the world of radio. She has done countless radio appearances all over Eastern Pennsylvania and hosted her own radio show “Moonlight Messages with Psychic Medium Lauri Moore” for
five consecutive years on WSBG-FM in Stroudsburg, PA.

She was recently a featured Psychic Medium on three
episodes of Animal Planet’s “The Haunted” titled Murder at
the Black Horse Inn, The Door and Horror in the Closet
filmed in Berlinsville, PA.

Lauri has been featured in articles in “The Times Leader,”
“The Morning Call,” “The Times News,” “The Citizens’ Voice,”
and “The Town and Country.”

She hosts Medium’s Galleries throughout Eastern
Pennsylvania and Western New Jersey. Lauri currently is a
paranormal investigator and Spiritual consultant with the
Lehigh Valley team, Lights Out Paranormal.

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