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Bill Pay:


Attention residents who have not paid their refuse or sewer bills:

The Upper Macungie Township Board of Supervisors adopted Ordinance 2015 – 04 on June 23, 2015 authorizing the staff to turn over delinquent refuse and sewer accounts to an outside collection agency. If you have received notices from the Township that your account is delinquent you are at risk of having your account sent to a collection agency. There will be additional fees and charges added to your balance if your account is sent to the collection agency. If you wish to bring your account up to date please call (610) 395-4892.

Upper Macungie Township has contracted with Joao and Bradley Construction Co, Inc of Bethlehem, PA to upgrade the existing public sanitary sewer mains in your area of the Township. 

These upgrades include replacing the existing clay pipe mains with larger more efficient plastic (PVC) pipe and replacement of homeowner’s sewer lateral. The Contractor will be notifying homeowners 48 hours in advance as when they will be replacing your lateral.  Construction is scheduled to begin on May 11, 2020 and should be completed by October 2020.

There will be no cost to the Property Owner for the construction associated with this project.

On-Lot Sewage Ordinance:
Mandatory Sewage System Inspections- District 2 is now due to pump in 2020  

This is a program to monitor the proper function of UMT owners’ on-lot sewage systems to protect our water table and overall environment. It is a staged program which is mandated by the PA Department of Environmental Protection and implemented by municipalities.

Under this program the township has been divided into three districts. The residents in District 3 last pumped their septic systems in 2015.  Those who have not pumped their system since 2015 by an UMT Registered Pumper/Hauler were required to do so prior to December 31 2018.

In early January, District 2 property owners were mailed a letter, form and District map as a reminder to have their septic systems cleaned and inspected by a Registered Pumper/Hauler before December 31, 2020.  In 2021, District 3 will receive the same reminder letter.

Scheduled maintenance of on-lot septic system helps reduce high costs incurred by property owners should their septic system fail, but ultimately protects and maintains a healthy environment for future generations. For a list of Registered Pumper/Haulers Click Here. For more information about the On-Lot Sewage Management Ordinance contact Renee Faust at 610-395-4892 (ext. 136) / reneef@uppermac.org.


Office Contact Information:

8330 Schantz Road
Breinigsville, Pa 18031
Phone: (610) 395-4892

Financial Assistant- Cindy Yaskowski

Utility Billing Clerk for Sewer, Refuse and Recycling- Brenda Bower 

Utility Billing Clerk for Sewer, Refuse and Recycling- Nida Bhatti

Sewer Department Foreman- John Hublik

On-Lot Septic Coordinator (Sewer Department) – Renee Faust

Important Resident Information:

A new Ordinance is in place to protect homeowners when purchasing a home. This ordinance requires a sewer inspection before a property can be transferred. A plumber must be hired to inspect the sewer lateral and the sump pump discharge. Please click this link for more information  Sewer Ordinance

For information on Prohibited Discharge Standards contact Brenda Bower at Upper Macungie Township at bbower@uppermac.org , or 610-395-4892 ext. 128. Read the Prohibited Discharge Standards and Penalties.

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