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Upper Macungie Township’s waste hauler is Whitetail Disposal:

  • To receive future text alerts regarding trash and recycling matters in Upper Macungie Township, text “UPPERMAC” to 24587
  • Service details can be found on  Whitetail Disposal’s website
  • Put your Refuse & Recycling out the night before! Whitetail is keeping the same pick-up day schedule but time may arrive earlier than our previous hauler. We recommend residents put their refuse and recycling carts out the night before their designated pick-up day to ensure it is out in time.

For issues or questions regarding Refuse and Recycling Pick-up Contact:

Whitetail Disposal
610-754-0103, Choose Option 2
Email: umt@whitetaildisposal.org


ATTENTION RESIDENTS: The cardboard recycling dumpster currently located at the Township Municipal Building’s parking lot will be located across the street at the Public Works Campus (Grim Road). All recycling receptacles and the yard waste drop-off will now be in one location for Residents.


Bill Pay:


When in Doubt, Put it Out!

Refuse and recycling pickup is on a weekly basis. Are you a NEW RESIDENT? New Residents must come into the Township building to fill out a moving permit. You will be given the date when your trash cart will be delivered (for new construction only), and a map showing which zone you are in for trash pickup along with what day your pick up will be. Please review the important information below. Questions- Donna Flisak dflisak@uppermac.org, or Dana Heller dheller@uppermac.org 


Trash & Recycling Cart Quick Facts:

  • WHEN IN DOUBT, PUT IT OUT! Check the Holiday Pick-up schedule below.
  • Upper Macungie Township provides each newly constructed home with one trash cart (you may select any size) and one recycle cart (choice of 35 or 65 gallon cart). Please see information regarding a Moving Permit
  • Any residence may purchase ONE additional trash and recycling cart (maximum 2 of each cart per residence).
  • Cart Purchase: Your second trash or recycling cart must be purchased. There are three different size carts as pictured above
    • 35 gallon cart for $40
    • 65 gallon cart for $50
    • 95 gallon cart for $75
    • 35 or 65 gallon recycle carts for $40 and $50 respectively
  • PLEASE NOTE: carts are not returnable
  • The Township will not exchange used trash carts or recycle carts for new ones.
  • If unable to purchase and pick up a cart at the Township Building, complete this Trash Cart order form and mail to the Township with your check.

Please place your trash cart out for collection the night before your pick up day at curb/or grass area several feet away from the mailbox, landscaping, or telephone poles. It should not be placed on the street. Your recycle bin can be placed several feet from the cart. As a reminder any trash placed outside your cart will not be collected. However, you can purchase another cart with no additional monthly cost. Residents are allowed to have a maximum of two 95 gallon carts.

Waste Pick-Up Information:


New Year’s Day – Friday, January 1st: Friday service moved to Saturday, all other service days unaffected
Memorial Day – Monday, May 31st: All service days delayed by one day
Independence Day – Sunday, July 4th: No service days affected
Labor Day – Monday, September 6th: All service days delayed by one day
Thanksgiving Day – Thursday, November 25th: Thursday and Friday service delayed one day, all other days unaffected
Christmas Day – Saturday, December 25th: No service days affected

ONE-TIME YARD-WASTE PICK UP: Upper Macungie Township offers residents one-time curbside yard-waste pick up each year. Waste MUST BE PROPERLY PREPARED- Max of 6 containers. Open commercial trash containers only, no larger then 32 gallons weighing less than 60lbs. Branches must be tied/bundled to a max size of 48″x18″x18″ weighing 60lbs or less.

  • 2021 date TBD
  • ACCEPTED: leaves (from trees, bushes & plants), shrubbery clippings, tree trimmings
  • NOT ACCEPTED: grass clippings, roots from trees, Christmas Trees, or shrubs, lumber

BULK ITEM PICK-UP: Bulk items can be scheduled for pickup by contacting the Whitetail Disposal office either via phone at (610) 754-0103 Option 2, or via email at umt@whitetaildisposal.com. Residents are limited to one item per week, and the item must have a size and weight that can be reasonably lifted by two persons. All bulk items should be scheduled by telephone or email prior to 11:00 AM on the day before your regularly scheduled service. Items not scheduled with enough notice will be picked up the following week.

WHITE GOODS PICK-UP: White goods are considered a Bulk Waste item. Residents must notify Whitetail Disposal, Inc., by telephone or email, no later than 11:00 AM prior to the scheduled pick-up service day. The white good item should be placed curbside with all doors removed. White Good Items include: Freezer, Refrigerator, Stove, Air Conditioner, Dishwasher, Dehumidifier, Water Softener. Contact: umt@whitetaildisposal.com or 610-754-0103, Option 2

CHRISTMAS TREES WILL NOW BE PICKED UP on your regular refuse pick-up date beginning 1/11/21- 1/30/21 (3 weeks). Residents can still drop off Christmas trees at the UMT Yard Waste Drop off site if they prefer.

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