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Upper Macungie Township’s waste hauler is Whitetail Disposal:

  • To receive future text alerts regarding trash and recycling matters in Upper Macungie Township, text “UPPERMAC” to 24587
  • Service details can be found on  Whitetail Disposal’s website
  • Put your Refuse & Recycling out the night before! Whitetail is keeping the same pick-up day schedule but time may arrive earlier than our previous hauler. We recommend residents put their refuse and recycling carts out the night before their designated pick-up day to ensure it is out in time.

For issues or questions regarding Refuse and Recycling Pick-up Contact:

Whitetail Disposal
610-754-0103, Choose Option 2
Email: umt@whitetaildisposal.com



UMT Recycling Events:

Household Hazardous Waste Recycling Event- August 21, 2021

  • Upper Macungie Township Residents ONLY 
  • Items must be from a residential establishment – NO Commercial or Business Drop-Offs Permitted
  • Saturday, August 21, 2021 from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • Grange Road Park, 360 Grange Rd, Allentown, PA 18106
  • Pre- Registration and Advanced Payment Required
    • $10.00 per registration (1 vehicle per registration)
    • Choice of 5 time slots. Appointment times will be enforced. Please do not arrive more than ten minutes early for your selected time slot.
    • Registration and payment information can be found below

HHW Drop-Off Event Guidelines

  • UMT will NOT accept commercial/industrial waste. 
  • Businesses and Contractors will be turned away.
  • UMT will NOT accept material which cannot be legally disposed of  at a hazardous waste facility, non-hazardous items will not be accepted.
  • Bring substances in original containers with labels.
  • Do not mix different products together.
  • Secure and tighten lids. If containers are leaking, pack in larger container with newspaper to soak up leaks.
  • Event workers will unload your materials, remain in your vehicle.
  • For safe unloading, keep wastes separate from other items remaining in vehicle.
  • Please refrain from smoking while at the collection event.

Accepted Materials

  • Paint Products: Oil-Based Paints, Solvents, Thinners, Removers, Shellac, Spray Paint, Stains, Strippers, Varnish, Turpentine
  • Automotive Products: Motor Oil, Transmission Fluid, Brake Fluid, Starter Fluid, Antifreeze, Fuel Additives, Gas, Oil, Gas-Oil Mixture, Grease & Rust Solvents
  • Outdoor Products: Asphalt/Driveway Sealers, Tar, Mini Propane Tanks, Fertilizer, Pesticides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Weed Killers, Roof Cement, Swimming Pool Chemicals
  • Household Products: Acids, Caustics, Corrosive Acids/Bases/Cleaners, Adhesives, Glues, Aerosols, Batteries (Auto/Lead-Acid/Marine/Rechargeable/Lithium/Ni-Cad/Button), Caulking Compound, Cleaners, Degreasers, Drain Openers, Fire Extinguishers, Flammables, Fluorescent Tubes, Ballast and CFLs, Joint Compound, Kerosene, Thermostats, Thermometers, Mothballs/Flakes, Oxidizers, Wallpaper Cement, Aerosols, Asbestos, Oxidizers

Unacceptable Materials

  • NO Tires
  • NO Electronics
  • NO Appliances/Scrap Metal/White Goods
  • NO Explosives/Ammunition/Radioactive Waste/Fireworks/Flares
  • NO Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • NO Infectious/Medical Waste/SHARPS
  • NO Latex Paint
  • NO Unidentified Waste
  • NO Bulk Waste
  • NO Commercial/Industrial Waste
  • NO Pressurized CFCs & HCFCs (refrigerants)
  • NO Gas Cylinders of ANY kind including but not limited to Isocyanate, Freon, Helium, Oxygen
  • NO Large Propane Cylinders
  • NO Mercury Labpacks
  • NO Dioxins
  • NO Organic Peroxides
  • NO Reactive Solids
  • NO Flammable Solids

Registration & Payment


Additional Recycling Events:

Electronic Recycling Event- Residents ONLY. ID required. Yard Waste Cards not accepted

  • 2022 Date TBD
  • At Grange Road Park from 9am-1pm
  • Accepted Items:  TV Monitors (max of 3), computers & monitors, microwaves, household batteries, fluorescent light bulbs (NO APPLIANCES).
  • Item Drop Off Instructions- load your items into your trunk, arrive wearing a mask, stay in your car and staff will get items out of your trunk.

If you missed the UMT Electronic Recycling event, below are two other options:

  • AERC — 2591 Mitchell Avenue, Allentown, PA (off Emmaus Ave.) Open to Public on Fridays only from 9-4.  Small fee for TV’s *** Does not accept Appliances.
  • FreeCycle– 795 Roble Rd, Allentown (Near LV International Airport) 610-217-3868    Drop off Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 9-12 and 1-4.   Also the 3rd Saturday of each month  from 9-12 noon.  There may be a fee.

Shredding Recycling Event- Residents ONLY. ID required. Yard Waste Cards not accepted

  • 2022 Date TBD
  • At Grange Road Park from 9am-1pm
  • Accepted Items: PAPER DOCUMENTS ONLY. NO Photo Negatives, X-Rays, or heavy plastics. Staples do not need to be removed, limit 5 bags/boxes per person.

Thank you Senator Pat Browne, and Rep. Gary Day for Sponsoring our Shredding Event at Grange Park!








Recycling & Refuse Services: Keeping UMT Clean & Green!

A convenient spectrum of services for the regular disposal or recycling of standard household wastes are provided to Upper Macungie Township residents. Guidelines for the proper usage of these services are detailed in this section of the website. Should you have any questions, please email Upper Macungie Township’s Refuse/Recycling Departments; Donna Flisak dflisak@uppermac.org, or Dana Heller dheller@uppermac.com 

ATTENTION RESIDENTS: The cardboard recycling dumpster currently located at the Township Municipal Building’s parking lot will be located across the street at the Public Works Campus (Grim Road). All recycling receptacles and the yard waste drop-off will now be in one location for Residents.


2021 Refuse & Recycling Holiday Schedule:

New Year’s Day – Friday, January 1st: Friday service moved to Saturday, all other service days unaffected
Memorial Day – Monday, May 31st: All service days delayed by one day
Independence Day – Sunday, July 4th: No service days affected
Labor Day – Monday, September 6th: All service days delayed by one day
Thanksgiving Day – Thursday, November 25th: Thursday and Friday service delayed one day, all other days unaffected
Christmas Day – Saturday, December 25th: No service days affected

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Requirements to protect the quality of our groundwater and other important environmental concerns are also addressed here. Please review them all carefully and abide by them. By following the rules of responsible environmental stewardship, we can all work together to keep our home community clean and green. Thanks for doing your part!

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