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Leaf Collection



The Township will begin leaf collection on Monday, October 17th and continue through Friday, December 2nd.


Leaf Collection General Information:

Our Public Works Department Collects Leaves annually from October through November.  If necessary, this will be extended to the first week in December. This time frame is limited because snow plows must be placed on our equipment to prepare for snow removal. We highly recommend putting your leaves on the edge of the road THE NIGHT BEFORE OR PRIOR TO the last day of leaf collection.

For questions regarding leaf collection, please contact the Public Works Department at 610-395-4892 x 140.

Please keep in mind: Due to the rate of maturity of trees within the township, and the fact that more trees are planted every year, it is impossible to guarantee a set pickup day for a specific street in any area of the Township.

All residents in the Township should place their leaves along the edge of the road, NOT on the road, prior to the start of pickup at 7 a.m. on Monday of each week. Leaves will normally be picked up between the hours of 7 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. Leaves will not be collected on private property. If leaves are not in place when the crews go by, they will be picked up on the following round through the Township. No return trips will be made to pick them up.

  • IF YOUR CAR IS PARKED ON THE STREET- Cars parked on the street during leaf pick up season could get pieces broken up leaves blown on them. The machine is like a vacuum and needs to emit air out of the back. Cars parked on the street are kept there at their own risk.

  • To facilitate the picking up of the leaves please keep all vehicles away from the area where the leaves are piled. The crews will not rake piles of leaves out from between parked cars or from under them.

  • Do not place pieces of wood, steel, rocks or concrete on the leaves to hold them down. These objects will cause extensive damage to the leaf pickup units and put them out of service at a great expense of time and money to the Township and its citizens.

  • For proper pick up it is necessary to dump the contents of plastic bags or other containers into the gutter area. Crews will NOT empty bags or other containers; this is the responsibility of the resident. Branches, shrubbery, garbage, and building materials will not be picked up. These items will be left behind and it will be the responsibility of the resident for removal and disposal.


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