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Public Works

Public Works General Information: 

Mission Statement:

To provide the highest quality Public Works services to residents through rapid response and enhanced communications with an emphasis on excellence in all aspects of service delivery.

The Public Works department is regularly repairing and maintaining approximately 130 miles of Township roads. This includes street cleaning, line painting, snow plowing, permanent repair of roads, as well as patching and sealing.

Upper Macungie Township complies with the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4 Requirements). The Environmental Protection Agency mandates that the States comply with National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) requirements. Pennsylvania DEP required municipalities having a population of 10,000 to obtain an Individual Permit for its storm water system. The Township has adopted the Act 167 Storm Water Control Plan to control volume and quality of storm water runoff. DEP Chapter 102 regulating erosion and sediment control for new construction has also been adopted by the Township. The program goals are to control water quality and ground water recharge. Requirements include providing information to residents regarding what they can do in this effort. These items include cleaning pet wastes, eliminating oil and fluid leaks from your vehicles, proper use of chemicals and fertilizers, soil erosion and sediment control.  

Department Personnel: 

Director, Public Works- Scott Faust
Administrative Assistant- Sandi Herman
Parks Team Leader – James M. Soltis
Parks Team Leader – Matt Miller
Roads Team Leader – Tim Braim
Roads Team Leader – Leroy Gross
Sewer Team Leader –  John Hlubik

Mailing Address:

Upper Macungie Township
Public Works Department
8330 Schantz Road
Breinigsville, Pa 18031
Office Phone Number: 610-395-4892 x140
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:30am to 4:00pm

Do your Part for Mosquito Control: a message from Lehigh County Conservation District








With the on-set of the warmer weather, The Lehigh County Conservation District would like to remind residents about the importance of Mosquito Control.  Small changes can go a long way to protect public health during peak transmission season.

Some easy ways to try and mosquito-proof your home are:

  • Keep back yards clean of debris & artificial containers
  • Keep working screens on doors and windows
  • Wear long sleeves and repellant when going outdoors

The Lehigh County Conservation District’s Vector Borne Disease Control Program is fully operational and here to serve you again in 2021. The program will be conducting field operations to monitor the mosquito population in our area beginning May 1st until October when the potential threat to public health ends.

For more details regarding surveillance activities, control measures as well as outreach and education on Mosquito Control Click Here. Visit the CDC website for information regarding Mosquito bite prevention.  

Questions: visit The Lehigh County Conservation District website  

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