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Fire Inspections (The Bureau of Fire)

Fire Safety Inspections: Saving lives and property by helping to stop fire and unintentional injuries from happening.




Upper Macungie Township Ordinance 2020-11 authorizes and requires the Upper Macungie Township Bureau of Fire to inspect all commercial properties subject to fire regulations.

A major responsibility of the Bureau of Fire’s operations is fire prevention. One method employed to reduce the number of fires is to enforce the fire codes and regulations. This can best be achieved through a fire and life safety inspection program. Therefore, a fire prevention inspection program has been established for all properties in the township subject to fire regulations. This program will not include 1 and 2 family dwellings. The goal of the program is to reduce the number of deaths, injuries and property loss from fire, in order to enhance the public health, safety and welfare.


Commercial Property Inspections:

The Upper Macungie Township Bureau of Fire will conduct inspections for commercial and institutional properties. The official fire safety inspection will occur once every year. Larger and more complex occupancies, such as warehouse buildings and high-rise buildings (where fire suppression and detection systems, and common area egress components generic to the entire building), factories, hospitals, schools, theaters, etc., will require inspections containing specialized testing for fire and smoke detection systems, alarm systems and much more. Licensed Institutions will also require an annual inspection.


Fire Code Enforcement Inspections Program:

A fee will be charged for the commercial fire safety inspections. A letter is sent to property owners. Included with this letter is basic information about the kinds of fire safety inspections and what you, as the property owner or manager, can expect. The fire inspections will adhere to township accepted international standards set forth in the International Fire Code- 2015 edition and the International Building Code-2015 edition.

Please Note: We know that you, as the property owner or manager, care about the level of safety in your building and on the premises. When the Township Fire Inspector visits, we strongly encourage you to accompany the inspector. This mutual assistance in the inspection of buildings and premises can greatly enhance the level of life safety for the general public.


Fire Inspection Fees:

The fee for your fire safety inspection is based upon a fee schedule that takes into consideration your occupancy type, usage, and square footage. For a copy of the current fee schedule, or any questions regarding the fee structure, contact the Upper Macungie Township Bureau of Fire at 610-395-4892 ext. 145 between 8:00am and 4:00pm.

If the fire inspection finds any fire code violations, they will be noted and you will be given a period of time to correct the discrepancies and a follow-up inspection (“re-inspection”) will be scheduled to confirm that the violation has been corrected.

You will receive an invoice for the inspection fee within 15 days of the first fire safety inspection.


How Does the Fire Safety Inspection Program Work?


Prior to an annual inspection, each occupancy will be called by phone giving notice of our intent to inspect your business. Included in this section is a list of the most common found code violations. The occupant will be asked to correct these violations (if any are found by the occupant prior to the inspection).

Failure to correct these types of violations shall result in an additional fee for violations, as set forth in Upper Macungie Township Ordinance 2020-11 While not necessary, you also have the opportunity to schedule an appointment for a convenient time to meet with the Fire Inspector.

The inspector will conduct a thorough inspection to ensure satisfactory life safety conditions on your property, examining such items as:

  • Conditions of exits
  • Condition of interior finish
  • Operation of exit doors
  • Emergency lighting
  • Exit signs
  • Components of fire-resistive separation
  • Maintenance of fire department apparatus access roadways
  • Maintenance of fire lanes
  • Proper addressing of the building
  • Fire extinguishers available, inspected and placed properly
  • Building exit discharge area
  • Records of testing for fire alarm and fire protection systems
  • Test records for smoke control system (if required)
  • Make sure that there is evacuation plan in place (if required)

If any conditions are found that violate the International Fire Code (2015 IFC) and International Building Code (2015 IBC), or that could cause fire or endanger life or property, the inspector will notify you and issue an inspection report requiring that the condition be corrected immediately. A re-inspection will be scheduled on or after an established time period to correct the violations. Any requests for an extension of repairs must be approved by the inspector of record.

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