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The Comprehensive Plan

Upper Macungie Township Comprehensive Plan Update

On October 3, 2019 the Upper Macungie Township Board of Supervisors passed a resolution adopting the 2019 Comprehensive Plan. This is the culmination of a citizen-driven planning process which included the Upper Macungie Township Planning Commission, a Steering Committee (comprised of residents, professionals and local business owners), planning consultants, Township staff, and the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission.

As indicated in the Executive Summary, “Upper Macungie Township plays an important role in the region’s economy with respect to manufacturing, warehouse distribution and logistics, farming, natural and agricultural resources, high quality educational facilities, recreation, housing, and an educated labor force. The Township administration and decision-makers recognize that the population will change, the local and regional economy will fluctuate, the housing stock will age, the environment and natural resources will continue to be threatened by the impacts of development, and the needs of citizens will not be the same today as in the past or in the future. The Township Supervisors authorized the development of this plan as an update to the 2007 UMT Comprehensive Plan with this new plan built around achieving sustainability. The planning horizon for this plan is 20 years with emphasis on land use, preservation, and growth management.”

“The mission of this plan and those involved in developing the 2019 Comprehensive Plan was to provide a blueprint to guide future decisions that will enhance the quality of life.
This plan provides a vision, goals, objectives, policies, plan elements, strategies, and tools to assist UMT planners, staff, the Planning Commission, other boards and commissions, and the Board of Supervisors to meet today and tomorrow’s challenges and to assist with achieving a sustainable community vision for 2040.”

In considering the proposed plan the key issues listed below were found to be priorities gathered from community input. These items are addressed through goals, objectives, policies, strategies, and implementation of the Plan;

• Traffic Congestion
• Community Character and Sense of Place
• Large-Scale Warehouse Distribution
• Housing Quality, Choice, and Affordability
• Community Connectivity
• Preservation and Conservation of Land
• Commercial & Industrial Development/Redevelopment

The Township Supervisors, staff, Boards and Commissions will use this plan as a guide in making decisions that will shape the future of our Township. Click on the below image to view the 2019 Upper Macungie Township Comprehensive Plan Story Map (please note that the PDF files linked within are large):









UMT Comp Plan Story Map

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