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Good Neighbor Coalition

UMT Police Traffic Update: The Good Neighbor Coalition

In a continuing effort to address concerns about traffic problems in Upper Macungie Township, an initiative is underway to enjoin the trucking industry, local businesses and citizens with law enforcement in a strategic plan to effect positive changes through collaborative action.

This program has the full support of the Board of Supervisors and Township Manager. Click here to view the GNC Presentation in full.

Called the Good Neighbor Coalition (GNC), the initiative was developed over a two-year span and first launched in December 2015. According to Chief Edgardo A. Colón, it has been “aggressively embedded” at all levels of the UMT community through a series of meeting exchanges with citizen groups, trucking firms, elected legislators, government officials and local leaders of business and industry.

The Mission of the Good Neighbor Coalition (GNC) is to enhance safety and improve community relations between law enforcement and the commercial and residential entities within UMT and beyond. This endeavor will be accomplished through education, awareness and mutual cooperation. This will be in keeping with the Department’s mission of being “Committed to Service.”

Below is a large [door-size] sign given to many businesses with commercial drivers to direct their attention to a few points:

(EXAMPLE OF SIGNAGE that will be posted in warehouses for truckers)










  • Presentations to the following targeted groups:
    • Residents
    • Businesses
    • The Trucking Industry
    • Elected Officials
    • Lehigh Valley Planning Commission
    • The Media
  • The installation of a Commercial Vehicle Inspection Area off Schantz Road (Dart Drive)
  • Continued work with township engineers and the Bureau of Public Works to maintain signage and a current truck restriction map
  • Continued meetings with the established [Safety & Signage] and [Legislative & Ordinance] “Work-groups” with all interested parties to brainstorm and identify problems and viable solutions
  • The installation of approximately 130 new signs throughout the township to further enhance traffic safety

For more information on the GNC or if you’d like to participate in the established Work-Groups, please e-mail either Chief Edgardo A. Colón at ecolon@uppermac-pd.org or Sergeant Cory S. Reader at creader@uppermac-pd.org. They can also be contacted via phone at 484-661-5911.

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