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Safety Alerts

Smart Safety Alerts by Phone

Reverse_911_logoIn the event of a major emergency, Lehigh County Emergency Management provides residents and visitors with a telephonic safety alert system called REVERSE 911.

You may already have this valuable service. Traditional wireline telephone systems—such as Verizon, Ironton, Service Electric, Frontier, Blue Ridge and RCN—are already in the REVERSE 911 system, even unlisted  numbers.

But if you have “landline VOIP” phone service (Vonage and Magic Jack are a few examples) you may have to register your number for REVERSE 911.

Also if you want your wireless cell phone notified by REVERSE 911, you must register your number. Note that during times of widespread emergency situations, cellular telephone networks may be overloaded so messages may not be sent by wireless carriers in a timely manner.

TO REGISTER FOR REVERSE 911, go online to www.ema.lehighcounty.org. In the Search Box (in upper right of homepage) type in “REVERSE 911.” Up will pop REVERSE 911 Registration Instructions and additional facts on this worthwhile, and potentially lifesaving, emergency alert service.

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