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CLICK HERE to Register for Nixle, our public safety alert system. Nixle Alerts from the UMT Police Department can be sent via text or email.

What is Nixle?
Neighborhood-level to community-level: public safety alerts; up-to-the-minute need-to-know information; advisories, reminders, and last minute cancellations; municipal and community news, happenings, events, and any other relevant information an AIP wants to send out through the service.


Open Letter from Lt. Peter Nickischer to UMT Residents (2013):

Good afternoon to all Upper Macungie Township Nixle users, as well as Nixle users from surrounding municipalities.

It is with great pleasure that I write you today as a member of the new Upper Macungie Township Police Department (UMTPD). This morning, I was privileged to be part of the dedication ceremony held at our police department’s new headquarters facility, which is located at 37 Grim Rd, Breinigsville (where the Berks-Lehigh Regional Police Department (BLRPD) substation was formally located). Certainly, it is an exciting time for the entire township as we welcome in a new era of progressive, proactive, and professional police services.

Thank you to all residents who have been patient as we have transitioned from the BLRPD to our new police department. I realize that our Nixle communication has been very quiet over the last several months, and I apologize for the lack of communication with all of you. I am very happy to report that use of the Nixle service will continue under the Upper Macungie Township Police Department, and the flow of information will continue once again, starting today.

Over the past several months, I have had numerous conversations with the new Chief of Police, Edgardo Colon, about how effective our Crime Watch and Nixle information system has been in the past. Chief Colon has made it clear that not only does he support these efforts, but he feels strongly that they should be improved and perfected.

For starters, Chief Colon has appointed two new crime prevention officers (Detective Adam Miller and Patrolman Pamela Mathias) to assist in getting pertinent crime information out to you in the most expedient manner possible. This is crucial for gathering suspect information and making arrests (as well as successful prosecutions). In addition, we will also reexamine the Nixle system and how we can better manage this valuable tool. In 2013, we will make our strongest push ever to get friends, family, and neighbors on the Nixle network. With knowledge comes power, and the people of Upper Macungie Township deserve to know what is happening in their own neighborhoods.

In addition to our Nixle improvements, we hope to re-energize the township’s crime watch system. In 2007, a crime watch “experiment” in the Windermere development exploded into a system of 20 neighborhood watch groups with over 2,500 members and 50 captains and advisors. In 2013, we hope to build on what is already a strong foundation by working with our founding members as well as new faces to reach deep into the community and examine ways we can improve our strategies and keep our communities safe. One of our many goals will be an increased focus on our township’s beautiful parks and recreation systems, and making sure that these spots remain drug-free and a safe place for children and families to spend quality time together.

Parents, please take note that we have already resumed BLRPD’s Operation Safe Stop Program and have been out in full force making sure that our bus stops are safe. It is certainly not too late to nominate any bus stop in Upper Macungie Township. Just email (or call us) with the stop location and times, and the rest is up to us. We are also continuing to do vacation checks on residences, and again, this request is simply an email or a phone call away.

Please note that we are currently in the process of changing over our Nixle account from the BLRPD to UMTPD (hence why this message is under the BLRPD name). This change over will not require any effort on your behalf, the Nixle user. Your accounts will simply transfer to the new department once Nixle makes the change.

As seen on our police patch, the Upper Macungie Township Police Department is “Committed to Service.” We are proud to serve our residents and look forward to an exciting 2013.

As always, stay safe!

Sgt. Peter Nickischer
Upper Macungie Police Department



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