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Mission & History

Protecting Our Quality of Life: Upper Macungie Township Police Department.

Providing a pro-actively protective environment for all community citizens and property is a leading priority here in Upper Macungie Township. We honor this commitment to safety by strongly supporting the in-township presence of our own community police department. Upper Macungie Township offers a quality of life well worth protecting…and we do.

We are a full-service police department working 24/7, 365 days a year to meet the needs and wants of the public. Our officers are professional, highly trained and educated with the knowledge ranging from CPR, AED, First Responder and Crime Prevention in your home to resolving quality of life issues. We are here to serve your community.

Our Mission:

To enhance the quality of life and serve the citizens of Upper Macungie Township by providing quality and professional police services. The broad philosophy of the Department will embrace a wholehearted determination to protect and support individual rights while providing for the security of persons and property in the community. In meeting this objective, it is the responsibility of the Department to function as a public service organization and to [at all times] work in cooperation with community agencies and groups to promote understanding of and competence in our law enforcement efforts. A founding principle will mandate all officers to fully and continuously demonstrate the Department’s mission to be Committed to Service.

(Contact Us)

Lehigh County Non-Emergency: 610-437-5252

Upper Macungie Township Police Department
37 Grim Road
Breinigsville, Pa. 18031
Police Headquarters: 484-661-5911
Fax: 610-841-4922

For general police inquiries, questions or concerns, please contact headquarters at 484-661-5911 or email us at police@uppermac-pd.org.

The UMT Police Badge:

The meaning of the new Police Uniform Patch…The Uniform Patch of the Upper Macungie Township Police Department has numerous (symbolic) meanings. The shape of the patch itself is a shield to signify protection of the public. The (calming) French Blue color is symbolic of Police. The center of the patch has the Seal of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Within the Seal is a shield depicting a ship under full sail, a plow and three sheaves of wheat. These symbols represent the importance of commerce, labor, perseverance and agriculture. Atop the shield an eagle proudly symbolizes the state’s sovereignty. The barn and the farm fields represent the rich agricultural history of Upper Macungie Township and its commitment to open space, parks and recreation. The eagle represents American patriotism and the noble police officers who are serving and acting in the best interests of the citizens it serves. The residents of Upper Macungie Township and all the citizens traversing throughout can rest assured that their Police Department will be well trained, professional and will respond to their needs. a founding principle will mandate all officers to fully and continuously demonstrate the Departments mission to be   ………….COMMITTED TO SERVICE…………

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