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Commitment to Land Preservation

Planning Commission Looks to Township’s Future

20% of Township Now Preserved for Greener Future Preservation; Efforts Remain Top Priority for Township Supervisors

Five square miles is a very large area. That is how much land in Upper Macungie Township is now being preserved for parkland, agriculture, woodlands and other protected areas. The conservation of open land has long been a priority for Township Supervisors. Here are some of the latest developments in their ongoing efforts to keep our community greenspaces protected through responsible planning and legislation.

A grant application has been made to the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) for improvements to floodplain buffers along local waterways Schaefer Run, Breinig Run and Iron Run. These improvements would include tree plantings and stream bank improvement to buffer sediment runoff which contributes to silting in the streams. Stream water quality would also be improved by the use of vegetated filtration buffers recommended by the Watershed Protection Program.

Over 2.7 miles of streamways would be included in this program. These Upper Macungie streams are tributaries to the Little Lehigh River, an important local waterway subject to serious silting challenges which affect aquatic and plantlife, water quality and recreational opportunities. By doing our part through these efforts, Upper Macungie intends to help the quality of the Little Lehigh for the entire community.

In addition to this waterways preservation focus, the Township has preserved the following areas, by category:

Woodlands, Agriculture, Floodplain—486 Acres

Recreation Lands—620 Acres

Agricultural Conservation Easements—973 Acres

Agricultural Conservation Security—1,275 Acres

Township Agricultural Lands—157 Acres

The total area of land now preserved in Upper Macungie is now over 3,500 acres. That equates to over 5 square miles and constitutes 20% of the total area of the Township.

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