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Temporary Membrane Structures, Tents, & Canopies


The permit application shall clearly be designated, as being required for compliance with the International Fire Code 2009 and N.F.P.A. standards.

Temporary membrane structures, tents and canopies. An operational permit is required to operate an air-supported temporary membrane structure or tent having an area in excess of 200 square feet (19 m²), or a canopy in excess of 400 square feet (37 m²).


  1. Tents used exclusively for recreational camping purposes.
  2. Fabric canopies open on all sides which comply with all of the following:

    a. Individual canopies having a maximum size of 700 square feet (65 m²).
    b. The aggregate area of multiple canopies placed side by side without a fire break clearance of not less than 12 feet (3658 mm) shall not exceed 700 square feet (65m²).
    c. A minimum clearance of 12 feet (3658 mm) to structures and other tents shall be provided.

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