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Moving Permit

Upper Macungie Township requires a Moving Permit for any change of address; Moving in, moving out, or moving within UMT.  The Moving Permit updates Township records, tax bills, and utility bills. There is a $1.00 fee to submit this permit. If you have any questions after reviewing the information below contact the Township at 610-395-4892.

TO DO’s: New Residents & Moving within UMT:

  1. Submit a Moving Permit– Moving Permits are important for updating Township records, taxes, and utility bills.
  2. Pick up your Recycling Bin
    • If you have new construction you must pick up your Recycling Bin from the Sewer/Refuse Departments at the Township Municipal Building. Click the links on the left for Sewer and Refuse for more information.
  3. Utility Billing Information: Refuse, Recycling, and Sewer billing inquiries call UMT at 610-395-4892.
    • Water billing inquiries MUST go to Lehigh County Authority at 610-398-2503.

Other Suggestions for New Residents:

  • If you are purchasing a home in Upper Macungie Township, ensure that the title company handles the transfer of the refuse, water and sewer billing.  Upper Macungie Township also requires a sewer inspection prior to transfer.
  • If you are renting, check with your new landlord as to how utility billing is handled.
  • Remember to update your driver’s license information with Penn DOT, as well as update any phone service, cable and internet services, magazine subscriptions and other relevant services.
  • Be sure to complete a change of address package with your local post office to ensure that your mail is delivered to the proper address.

Moving out TO DO’s:

  1. Submit a Moving Permit– Yes, we need to know if you are moving out. Moving Permits are important for updating Township records, taxes, and utility bills.


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