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Pools, Hot tubs, and Spas


  • Review and Complete The Residential Pool Permit Submittal Guide
  • Please obtain a copy of the ICC permit application (6 pages)
  • Review the Pool, Hot Tub, Spa Barrier Requirements
  • Complete all sections that apply to the work you want to do. We need three copies of all documentation and one completed application.
  • A site plan showing the pool, hot tub, spa, fence, walkways and equipment locations needs to accompany each application.
  • The pool structural wall is required to be 15 feet from the side or rear property lines, pool cannot be in the front yard. All corner lots have two (2) front yards, each side of lot with street frontage. Front yard setbacks vary by Residential Zoning District from R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, RU1.5, RU3. If your house was built after 1995, there should be a Foundation (As-Built) Location Plan on file with the building permit for the home and this document should be used for the site plan. If you do not have a copy we will gladly get one for you. If As-Built Plan is not available, take 8.5” x 11” piece of paper and draw approximate location of property lines, home, driveway, other buildings or structures.

For property information go to: www.lehighcounty.org, under Departments, Assessment, then Search Records and Property Address. Type in your address and a property profile is available.

For paperwork questions contact:
Sharon Stamm, Permit Coordinator at sharons@uppermac.org or 610-395-4892 x135

For Building, Plumbing, Mechanical or Electrical code questions contact:
Rod White at rodwhite@uppermac.org or 610-395-4892 x146

Specifications and Scope of Work (3 copies each):
·    Provide manufacturer’s specification sheets for the wall construction of the above ground pool to be installed.
·    Provide manufacturer’s specification sheets for all equipment being installed with the pool.  For example; pump, motor, filter, heater, etc.
·    Provide manufacturer’s specification sheet(s) for the fence, gate and latch for in-ground pools (see attached requirements).
·    Provide alarm information for in-ground pools, an alarm is required if access to the pool is directly from the home.

All contractors need proof of insurance and Upper Macungie Township must be listed as a Certificate Holder (8330 Schantz Road, Breinigsville, PA 18031, 610-395-9355 fax).  If the policy does not include Workers’ Compensation coverage, we need a notarized exemption form.  Plumbers and Electricians need a license prior to starting any work.  Please provide proof of insurance with the permit. Contact Sharon Stamm at sharons@uppermac.org or 610-395-4892 x135.

1-800-242-1776 or 811 or www.pa811.org

Bonding Wire Inspection – The bonding wire must be connected from the motor to the frame to the pool before it is back filled.
Trench Inspection – The trench is dug for the conduit. Conduit must be installed but wires are not necessary for this inspection.
Final Inspection – When all the electrical work is completed. The homeowner must be at home for the Final Inspection so the inspector can access electrical panel box.

As a courtesy & for informational use only, I have listed some requirements required for code compliance for most SWIMMING POOL installations. This list does not reflect all items necessary for all installations but may assist your endeavor. Please review Chapter 42 & Appendix G of the 2009 IRC.
1.    Appendix G: Barrier, entrapment & door alarm requirements.
2.    N1103: Requires a time switch for the motor & heater if installed.
3.    E4202.1: Allowable wiring methods.
4.    E4203: Required equipment, receptacles, location, clearances & burial depths.
5.    E4204: Required bonding including equi-potential plane requirements. Equi-potential plane requirements include above ground pools.
6.    E4002.8 & E4002.9: Receptacles in damp & wet locations must be listed “weatherproof type”.
7.    E4002.9: In use covers are required for all receptacles in wet locations.

General: The construction and installation of electrical wiring for equipment in or adjacent to swimming pools and all appurtenances thereto shall comply with Chapter 42 of the 2009 International Building Code.

Overhead Conductor Clearances: The following parts of pools and outdoor spas and hot tubs shall not be placed under existing service drop conductors or any other open overhead wiring: or shall such wiring be installed above the following:
1.    Pools and areas extending 22.5 feet horizontally from the inside walls of the pool;
2.    Diving structures; or
3.    Observation stands, towers, and platforms.

Underground Wiring: Underground wiring shall not be installed under or within the area extending 5 feet horizontally from the inside walls of the pools and outdoor hot tubs and spas except where the wiring is installed to supply equipment for the same.

1. Location-  A single, locking and grounding type receptacle which is protected by ground fault circuit interrupters and run in conduit, is required for the pump motor which shall be located not closer than 6 feet nor more than 10 feet from the pool, this measurement from the inside walls of the pool. Other receptacles shall not be located less than 10 feet from the inside walls of the pool.

2. Where Required-  At least one 125 Volt 15 or 20 ampere convenience duplex receptacle supplied by a general purpose branch circuit shall be located a minimum of 6 feet from and not more than 20 feet from the inside walls of the pool. This receptacle shall not be located more than 6 feet, 6 inches above the floor, platform or grade level serving the pool, spa or hot tub.

3. GFCI Protection-  All receptacles located within 20 feet of the inside walls of the pool, spa or hot tub shall be protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter.

Conduit Burial:  Unless an exception applies, all conduit must be buried a minimum of 18 inches and electrical conduit ONLY is permitted, no EMT (Electrical Metallic Tubing).

Certifications:  All pool, spa and hot tub equipment must have UL or other national recognized testing laboratory approval. Any pool equipment without such a rating is not permitted, and any pool equipment altered by consumer or contractor will violate the national rating and will NOT be acceptable.

Grounding and Bonding:  All equipment shall be properly bonded and grounded as required by this code and all other applicable codes, including but not limited to Chapter 42 of the International Building Code.

Pool Water Bonding:  The pool water shall be intentionally bonded by means of a conductive surface area not less than nine (9) square inches (5806 mm2) installed in contact with the pool water. This bond shall be permitted to consist of parts that are required to be bonded in Section E4204.2 (International Residential Code).

Switching Devices:  Switching devices shall be located not less than 5 feet horizontally from the inside walls of the pools, except where separated from the pool, spa or hot tub by a slid fence, wall or other permanent barrier.

Disconnecting Means:  An accessible disconnecting means shall be provided and located within sight from all pools, spas and hot tub equipment and shall be located not less than 5 feet from the inside walls of the pool, spa or hot tub.

Steel- Inspection when rebar is being placed.
Steel Reinforcing- Inspection for vinyl liner pools.
Final Inspection- When the pool is completed and the lock installed and able. A removable ladder is in place, for the inspection, and / or a self-latching, self-locking gate is securing the pool from the deck. The homeowner must be home if a removable ladder is in place or the pool is not accessible for the inspection.

For inspections call: 610-395-4892

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