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Foundation As Built

A Foundation As-Built is required for all new residences (single family detached, twins & townhouses) The survey shall show the vertical and horizontal foundation location. This shall mean the top of foundation elevation measured in feet above mean sea level. The plan shall also show closest point of the foundation measured in feet to all property lines, separation between buildings, lot dimensions, wetlands, floodplains, active easements and right of way

The plan shall be based upon an actual survey made and sealed by a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Registered Land Surveyor or Professional Engineer after the foundations for all buildings have actually been constructed. The plan shall be prepared in engineering scale (i.e. 1 inch =10, 20,30, 40, 50 or 60 feet).  The preferred plan size is 8.5 x 11, but larger sizes are acceptable if necessary.

The plan or title block shall include the following: date, lot number and subdivision name, builders name, address and phone number, Engineer’s or Surveyor’s name, address and phone number, property address, Township Building Permit number, graphic scale and north arrow.

Four (4) original sealed plans shall be forwarded to the Permits Coordinator prior to the start of framing.  Approved originals will be attached to the Final Certificate of Occupancy.  The builder should keep one copy for their records and forward a copy to the new homeowner. This plan must be used to show future construction projects (Pools, Sheds, Fences, etc.).  Once approved, a copy will be forwarded to Keystone Consulting Engineers for comparison with the approved grading plan.

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