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Deck & Patio (with or without Roofs)

Please obtain a copy of the six (3) page ICC permit application. Complete all sections that apply to the work you want to do. We need three copies of all documentation and one completed application. Patio or Zoning questions contact Duane Delecker at DDellecker@uppermac.org > or 610-395-4892 x113.  Building or plan review questions contact Rod White at rodwhite@uppermac.org or 610-395-4892 x146.

The Application must be signed by the Property Owner or the Owner’s Agent. Homeowners may do some or all of the work; all work no matter who performs it needs to be inspected.

Site Plans:
Submit a scaled plan (8.5” x 11” preferred) showing the entire property dimensions, active easements or rights-of-way, existing building & structure locations with dimensions from property lines and driveway. If the home was built after 1995, there should be a Foundation As-Built Plan on file with the building permit for the home and this document should be used for the site plan.

Piers, footings and/or foundation walls are not required for patios. They are required if the patio will have a roof or any future structure built upon it.

Supply dimensional lumber sizes, ledger board attachment details, joists and girders spans, depth and width of footings and any other specification information for the structure to be built. Roof truss information and connection to the existing structure is required.

All contractors need proof of insurance and Upper Macungie Township listed as a certificate holder (8330 Schantz Road, Breinigsville, PA 18031, 610-395-9355 fax). If the policy does not include Workers’ Compensation coverage, we need a notarized exemption form.

Plumbers and Electricians need a UMT license prior to starting any work.
Questions on insurance or licensing contact Sharon Stamm at sharons@uppermac.org or 610-395-4892 x135.

Follow the Instructions on the application for Sections 1, 2 & 4:

·    Section 3 – Contractors Information: List all contractors that are doing work on the application and include addresses and contact information, include a certificate of insurance for each contractor listed (with Upper Macungie Township shown as a certificate holder) along with the application.

·    Section 5 – Check improvement type and list as new construction, alteration or repair and list Deck or Patio under Other (24). Read and complete the items that apply to your deck or patio for the rest of this section.

·    Section 6 – Electrical work, check yes or no and list amps, circuits, wire size, service outlets. Under Power Devices list the number of receptacles, switches, lights, fans, appliances, etc. List the PPL job number in this section if applicable.

·    Section 7 – Plumbing work, check yes or no and enter the number of items.

·    Section 8 – Mechanical work, check yes or no and enter the number of items and the heating source.

·    Section 9 – Other, use it to provide more detail about your project.

Homeowners doing their own work must comply with all current codes and pass inspections required by the Township. Most applications take 15 business days to process and no fees are due until the permit is reviewed, approved and issued.

Inspections required are noted on the permit, minimum number of inspections is Footer, Frame and Final.

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