The following township streets, bridges and state highways will be under construction in Upper Macungie Township.


HAAS Bridge on Hickory Lane is closed until further notice. It crosses over the Hassen Creek just before intersecting with Hassadahl Road.


Schantz Road in Upper Macungie Township is closed effective April 7, 2014 between Arrowhead Lane/Twin Ponds to Adams Road/Tillage Road. The PennDOT road project has an anticipated completion date in July 2015 and will involve the removal of the “S-curve”.  The posted detour will use Route 100 and Route 222.  This will make for a very challenging 15 months.


or click here for the pdf of the detour map.


PennDOT Update: Routes 222, 863 & Schantz Road

PennDOT recently informed Upper Macungie Township that a project to improve the intersections of Route 222 and Route 863, and Route 222 and Schantz Road are now in the design consultant selection stage.  The project will include signals at both intersections and the realignment of Schantz Road at Route 863 in order to improve intersection sight distance and roadway geometry.  No completion date for these improvements has been announced at this time.

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