Road Repair & Traffic Lights

The Public Works department is regularly repairing and maintaining approximately 100 miles of Township roads. This includes street cleaning, line painting, snow plowing, permanent repair of roads, as well as patching and sealing.

Upper Macungie Township complies with the Municipal Separate Store Sewer System (MS4 Requirements). The Environmental Protection Agency mandates that the States comply with National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) requirements. Pennsylvania DEP required municipalities having a population of 10,000 to obtain an Individual Permit for its storm water system. The Township has adopted the Act 167 Storm Water Control Plan to control volume and quality of storm water runoff. DEP Chapter 102 regulating erosion and sediment control for new construction has also been adopted by the Township. The program goals are to control water quality and ground water recharge. Requirements include providing information to residents regarding what they can do in this effort. These items include cleaning pet wastes, eliminating oil and fluid leaks from your vehicles, proper use of chemicals and fertilizers, soil erosion and sediment control.

CONSTRUCTION UPDATES & INFORMATION: The following UMT streets, bridges and state highways have been or will be under construction.


HAAS Bridge on Hickory Lane is closed until further notice. It crosses over the Hassen Creek just before intersecting with Hassadahl Road.

PennDOT Update: Routes 222, 863 & Schantz Road: PennDOT recently informed Upper Macungie Township that a project to improve the intersections of Route 222 and Route 863, and Route 222 and Schantz Road are now in the design consultant selection stage.  The project will include signals at both intersections and the realignment of Schantz Road at Route 863 in order to improve intersection sight distance and roadway geometry.  No completion date for these improvements has been announced at this time.


Repair or Replacement of Street LightsPPL provides the maintenance on all Township street lights. You can report the problem directly to PPL.

Repair or Replacement of Road Signs: The UMT Public Works department is responsible for signs on township roads.

  • The UMT Public Works Department at the main office line 610-395-4892 between the hours of 7:30 AM and 4:30 PM. You will be transferred to the Parks Department. Please be patient as our Park Department Staff our usually out working in various parts of the township. They will return phone calls as soon as they are able.