Contact UMT Offices by Phone


Township Manager
Township Manager/Operations Director Robert Ibach Jr.  610-398-9171×129
Board of Supervisors                     
Chairman/Board of Supervisors James Brunell
Vice Chairman/Board of Supervisors Sean Gill  610-395-4892×144
Secretary/Board of Supervisors Kathy Rader  610-395-4892×109
Planning & Zoning                               
Township Secretary/Planning & Zoning, Right to Know Officer Ashley Godshall  610-395-4892×116
Planning & Zoning Secretary/Deputy Right to Know Officer Melissa Madden
Construction Code Official Rod White  610-395-4892×146
Director of Planning and Zoning Daren Martocci  610-395-4892×122
Building Code Administrator Duane Dellecker  610-395-4892×113
Zoning & Code Enforcement Officer Kyle Kuester  610-395-4892×126
Permit Coordinator Sharon Stamm  610-395-4892×135
Permit Clerk Susan Dilcher  610-395-4892×125
Bureau of Fire                                    
Director, Bureau of Fire/Emergency Management Coordinator Grant Grim
Fire Safety Inspector Peter Christ  610-395-4892×145
Fire Safety Inspector Keith Richard  610-395-4892×141
Sewer & Refuse Departments          
Township Manager/Operations Director Robert Ibach Jr.  610-398-9171×129
Financial Assistant Cindy Yaskowski  610-398-9171×131
Refuse/Recycling Coordinator Stephanie Grim  610-398-9171×128
Administrative Assistant/Sewer Authority Cherie Barrall  610-398-9171×132
On-Lot Septic & Archive Coordinator Renee Faust  610-398-4892×136
Receptionist, Front Desk Sheri Eichlin
Accounting Administration/Human Resources Greta Slifer  610-395-4892×117
Treasurers Office                                
Township Tax Collector Barry Moyer  610-481-9191×112
Finance Director Bruce Koller
Accounting Clerk Debra Burns
Public Works                                        
Director of Public Works Scott Faust  610-395-4892×119
Sewer Team Leader John Hlubik
Sewer Team Leader Matt Slifer
Roads Team Leader Leroy Gross  610-395-4892×140
Parks Team Leader James Soltis  610-395-4892×138
Recreation & Events Coordinator Lynn Pigliacampi   610-395-4892×130
Police Department
Chief of Police Edgardo Colón 484-661-5911
Deputy Chief of Police Joseph Wilson 484-661-5911
Patrol Division Commander Michael Sitoski 484-661-5911
Office Manager Keri Diehl 484-661-5911
Clerical Assistant Deborah Schnellman 484-661-5911