Contact UMT Offices by Phone

Township Manager
Township Manager/Operations Director Robert Ibach Jr.  610-398-9171×129
Board of Supervisors                     
Chairman/Board of Supervisors James Brunell
Vice Chairman/Board of Supervisors Sean Gill  610-395-4892×144
Secretary/Board of Supervisors Kathy Rader  610-395-4892×109
Planning & Zoning                               
Township Secretary/Planning & Zoning, Right to Know Officer Ashley Godshall  610-395-4892×116
Planning & Zoning Secretary/Deputy Right to Know Officer Melissa Madden
Construction Code Official Rod White  610-395-4892×146
Director of Planning and Zoning Daren Martocci  610-395-4892×122
Building Code Administrator Duane Dellecker  610-395-4892×113
Zoning & Code Enforcement Officer Kyle Kuester  610-395-4892×126
Permit Coordinator Sharon Stamm  610-395-4892×135
Permit Clerk Susan Dilcher  610-398-4892×125
Bureau of Fire                                    
Director, Bureau of Fire/Emergency Management Coordinator Grant Grim
Fire Safety Inspector Peter Christ  610-395-4892×145
Fire Safety Inspector Keith Richard  610-395-4892×141
Sewer & Refuse Departments          
Assistant Township Manager/Operations Director Robert Ibach Jr.  610-398-9171×129
Financial Assistant Cindy Yaskowski  610-398-9171×131
Refuse/Recycling Coordinator Stephanie Grim  610-398-9171×128
Administrative Assistant/Sewer Authority Cherie Barrall  610-398-9171×132
Administrative Assistant Sheri Eichlin
Accounting Administration/Human Resources Greta Slifer  610-395-4892×117
Treasurers Office                                
Township Tax Collector Barry Moyer  610-481-9191×112
Finance Director Bruce Koller
Accounting Clerk Debra Burns
Public Works                                        
Director of Public Works Scott Faust  610-395-4892×119
Sewer Team Leader John Hlubik
Sewer Team Leader Matt Slifer
Roads Team Leader Leroy Gross  610-395-4892×140
Parks Team Leader James Soltis  610-395-4892×138
Recreation & Events Coordinator Lynn Pigliacampi   610-395-4892×130



Please note we have upgraded our phone system giving us more features to better serve our residents. You will now be able to leave voice messages for each staff member and each department. There will be a recording giving you prompts to follow, at which point, you can dial your parties extension.

Of particular importance, you will not be able to speak to a “live operator” during off hours. If you must speak to a “live operator” because you are experiencing a Township-related Emergency press “175” when prompted.