Accessory Building & Structures

  • Zoning Permits are required for sheds, detached garages, pole buildings and other similar structures.
  • Buildings one-thousand (1,000) square feet of floor area or smaller do not require a building permit, only zoning permit. Electrical, mechanical and/or plumbing inspections are required.
  • Residential properties are allowed a maximum of two (2) accessory buildings with a maximum total floor area of 1,000 square feet.
  • They are required to be setback a minimum of ten (10’) feet from side or rear property lines.
  • They cannot be placed in a front yard, active easement or sight distance triangle for corner lots.
  • Residential properties two (2) acres or more in size are exempt from maximum total floor area requirement.

Permits are not required for gazebos, arbors, children’s swing sets, sliding boards, sandboxes and similar traditional children recreational structures and devices (other than skateboard ramps and similar devices) and must be ten (10’) feet from a “residential property line” and cannot be in the front yard.

Zoning Permit Application Requirements:

One Completed Application Form (Exempt – Quadruplicate Form, Non-exempt – ICC form) signed by the Property Owner or the Owner’s Agent.

Site Plans:

Submit a scaled plan (8.5” x 11” preferred) showing the entire property dimensions, active easements or rights-of-way, existing and proposed building & structure locations with dimensions from property lines and driveway. If the home was built after 1995, there should be a Foundation (As-Built) Location Plan on file with the building permit for the home and this document should be used for the site plan.

Specifications and Scope of Work for Non-Exempt Buildings or Structures: (3 copies each)

Building & floor plans are required. Provide engineered drawings for the trusses including the snow load; provide a cross section for the walls and show dimensional lumber sizes. Also show any electrical, plumbing, mechanical or other work being completed under this permit and show the location, depth, width, and rebar information for the footings and provide smoke detector information.

Insurance and Licensing:

All contractors doing work in Upper Macungie must have proof of insurance and Upper Macungie Township must be listed as a certificate holder. If the policy does not include Workers’ Compensation coverage, we need a notarized exemption insurance form also.

Plumbers and Electricians are required to obtain a license from the Township to do work in the Municipality.

Questions on licensing or insurance contact Sharon Stamm at or 610-395-4892 x135.

Contact Person: Kyle Kuester at or 610-395-4892 x126.

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